Green Anarchy #6 – #22


(tr)Oregon’dan yayın yapan radikal medeniyet karşıtı anarşist bir dergi. Yılda iki kere çıkan bu dergi ilk sayılarında sadece ABD’de yayınlanırken zamanla büyük ilgi topladı ve şu an dünyanın bir çok yerine dağıtılıyor. Gerçekten köklü bir kolektif olan Green Anarchy’nin editörlerinden biri de John Zerzan. Mutlaka takip edilmesi gereken bir dergi.

(en)Green Anarchy is a radical anti-civilization anarchist magazine produced by an anarchist collective in Oregon and is published twice a year. Green Anarchy began as a basic introduction to eco-anarchist and radical environmental ideas, but after a year of limited success, members of the current collective took on the project with an enthusiastic trajectory. It took a few more issues to get into stride, but by issue #8/Spring 2002, the magazine had gained an international reputation within the anarchist and environmental movements, as well as occasional mentions in the mainstream press (Fox News, Eugene Weekly, and more). The collective has evolved over the past few years, but a core of dedicated individuals have been able to produce a consistent high-quality journal, delivered on-time, while we continue to broaden our scope, distribution, and print run. We have a large subscription base, small-scale localized distributors around the
world, and a notoriety as collective consistently posing provocative questions on the state of the world and global resistance. Green Anarchy is one of the most noted mediums for expressing green anarchist and anarcho-primitivist ideas and critiques. It is one of the most respected anarchist and radical environmental journals today, while continuously gaining more appeal in the non-activist world.

The collective is currently comprised of a number of diverse individuals with years of experience as self-publishers, authors, and speakers. Individuals in the collective are involved in various projects ranging from radio shows, video publications, international speaking tours, and more, yet, Green Anarchy remains the priority for all involved. One of the editors, John Zerzan, is an
accomplished author, whose books include: Elements of Refusal (C.A.L. Press), Future Primitive (Autonomedia), Against Civilization (Uncivilized Books), and Running On Emptiness (Feral House), as well as numerous international translations.

Green Anarchy switched from a newsprint tabloid to a magazine format with issue #15/Winter 2004, so we could provide a more durable publication that is easier to read and to widen our
circulation. Currently our magazine ranges from 72-100 pages with print-runs between 8-9000 copies. We also have a large distribution center with anarchist zines, periodicals, books, and videos. What Can I Expect In Each Issue?

Each issue of Green Anarchy is carefully and meticulously constructed and features anti-civilization, green anarchist, and anarcho-primitivist theory and discussions, in-depth analysis of anarchist and other resistance ‘movements’ (including indigenous, anti-capital, anti-colonial, ecological, and animal liberation struggles), direct action reports from around the world, state repression news, political prisoner updates, reviews, opinions, letters, rants, poetry, provocative imagery, and much more! What Are the Critics Saying?

“Intriguingly, [Green Anarchy] manages the difficult feat of being at the same time angry and upbeat. This is theory with its feet firmly in practice, and criticisms with suggestions on how to do things differently…this is a very mature effort from some very mature people”

— Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed (#57/Spring-Summer 2004)

“An impressive, intelligent, insurrectionary zine that has matured amazingly well.”

— Fifth Estate (Vol. 39 No.1 – Spring 2004)

“This is an amazing Northwest publication, so much covered in this “anti-civilization” bible of sorts. Damn do these guys have their shit together. Highly recommended.”

— Profane Existence (#43 – Summer/Fall 2003)

“Whoa, Green Anarchy has changed formats — gone is the tabloid newsprint and in its place rides this new beast. For those unfamiliar, Green Anarchy is an “anti-civilization journal of theory and action,” and while I’m not totally into their primitivism approach, I do enjoy reading their writings because beneath the thick layers of rhetoric, there are some very well constructed critiques of modern society, as well as the “activist” scene. Always interesting read..”

— Maximum Rock and Roll (May 2004 #252)


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