küçük prens / le petit prince

küçük prens

Fransız yazar ve pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’nin en ünlü romanı. 1943’te yayımlanmıştır. Roman New York’ta bir otel odasında yazılmıştır. Kitapta Exupéry’nin çizimleri de bulunur.

Saint Exupéry, kitabı yazdıktan altı yıl sonra, Le Petit Prince ( Küçük Prens ) adlı bir uçakla keşif uçuşu yaparken Akdeniz üzerinde kaybolur ve bir daha kendisinden haber alınamaz.

Basit bir çocuk kitabı gibi görünen ama aslında yaşam, sevgi ve aşk hakkında derin anlamlar içeren Küçük Prens’te bir çocuğun gözünden büyüklerin dünyası anlatılır. Sahra Çölü’ne düşen pilotun Küçük Prens’le karşılaşması ile başlayan kitapta Küçük Prens’in ağzından Saint-Exupéry, insanların hatalarını ve aptallıklarını, büyüdükleri zaman unuttukları basit çocuk bakışını vurgular.

Barikatların ardında, çevredeki onca ateş, kan ve nefrete rağmen içimizde kalan çocuksu saflığa, “küçük kara balık” yanlarımıza…

The narrator’s point of view is interleaved in the first nine chapters and changes from third person to first person. In the first eight days of the narrator being stranded in the desert, the prince has been telling these stories to the narrator.

The prince asks the narrator to draw a sheep. Not knowing how to draw a sheep, the narrator shows the prince a picture that he had previously drawn; a boa with an elephant in its stomach, a drawing which previous viewers mistook for a hat. “No! No!”, exclaims the prince. “I don’t want a boa constrictor from the inside or outside. I want a sheep!…”. He tries a few sheep drawings, which the prince rejects. Finally he draws a box, which he explains has the sheep inside. The prince, who can see the sheep inside the box just as well as he can see the elephant in the boa, says “That’s perfect”.

The home asteroid or “planet” of the little prince is introduced. His asteroid (planet) is house-sized and named B612, which has three volcanoes (two active, and one dormant) and a rose among various other objects. The actual naming of the asteroid B612 is an important concept in the book that illustrates the fact that adults will only believe a scientist who is dressed or acts the same way as they do. According to the book, the asteroid was sighted by a Turkish astronomer in 1909 who had then made a formal demonstration of asteroid B612 to the International Astronomical Congress. “No one had believed him on the count of the way he was dressed.” Then, he and his people dressed like Europeans and went again to present asteroid B612 to the International Astronomical Congress and they fully believed him and this time credited him with the work.

The prince spends his days caring for his “planet”, pulling out the baobab trees that are constantly trying to take root there. The trees will make his little planet turn to dust if they are not removed. Throughout the book he is taught to be patient and to do hard work to keep his “planet” in order. The prince falls in love with a rose that takes root in his planet, who returns his love but is unable to express it due to her own pettiness. He leaves to see what the rest of the universe is like, and visits six other asteroids (numbered from 325 to 330) each of which is inhabited by an adult who is foolish in his own way:

The king who can apparently “control” the stars but only by ordering them to do what they would do anyway. He then relates this to his human subjects; it is the citizens’ duty to obey, but only if the king’s demands are reasonable. He orders the prince to leave as his ambassador.

The Conceited Man who wants to be admired by everyone, but lives alone on his planet. He cannot hear anything that is not a compliment.

The Drunkard/Tippler who drinks to forget that he is ashamed of drinking.

The Businessman who is constantly busy counting the stars he thinks he owns. He wishes to use them to buy more stars. The prince then goes on to define property. The prince owns the flower and volcanoes on his planet because he cares for them and they care for him, but because one cannot maintain the stars or be of use to them, he argues, the Businessman cannot own them.

The Lamplighter who lives on an asteroid which rotates once a minute. Long ago, he was charged with the task of lighting the lamp at night and extinguishing it in the morning. At that point, the asteroid revolved at a reasonable rate, and he had time to rest. As time went on, the rotation sped up. Refusing to turn his back on his work, he now lights and extinguishes the lamp once a minute, getting no rest. The prince empathizes with the Lamplighter, who is the only adult he meets to care about something other than himself.

The Geographer who spends all of his time making maps, but never leaves his desk to examine anywhere (even his own planet), considering that is the job of an explorer. The Geographer is in any case very doubting of any explorer’s character and would most likely disregard the report. He does not trust things he has not seen with his own eyes, yet will not leave his desk. Out of professional interest, the geographer asks the prince to describe his asteroid. The prince describes the volcanoes and the rose. “We don’t record flowers”, says the geographer, “because they are only ephemeral”. The prince is shocked and hurt to learn that his flower will someday be gone. The geographer then recommends that he visit the Earth.

çeşitli dillerde / various languages !!!


















Asteroid B612′ de yaşayan, yaklaşık bir seneden beri size ulaşan ve ulaşmasının devamını dilediğimiz bu açık arşivin en önemli destekçisi olan ve ne zaman yardıma ihtiyacımız olsa bir “melek” misali kanatlarıyla tepemizde beliren, tanıdığımız en güzel haikuya, FANUS yoldaşımıza adanmıştır.

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