spychips: tracking everything everywhere



(tr)Katherine Albrect tarafından hazırlanan iki bölümlük belgeselde RFID ve devletlerin ajan yöntemleriyle insanları nasıl izlediklerini, dinlediklerini anlatıyor. Aslında özgür bir dünyada yaşadığımız yalanıyla nasıl Orwellian bir dünyada yaşadığımızı da görmemizi sağlıyor belgesel.

(en)This is Katherine Albrecht’s shocking 2-part video lecture series RFID – Tracking Everything, Everywhere (2004) and RFID – The Battleground (2005) where this world’s leading expert on consumer privacy exposes the plans of global corporations to plant small tracking chips inside each and everyone of their products, even secretly if they have to – and that will soon include human beings. Albrecht is able to take this complex topic and make it very easy to understand, whether you are 8 or 80 and most importantly she explains the privacy implications for all people if RFID technology is implimented unimpeded. These 2 lectures are absolutely excellent in waking people up to an obscure and very serious subject. Find out how an orwellian world is already here, lurking in shopping centres and is soon to hit the streets and sadly our homes. The topics discussed in this fascinating video lecures here may be crucial to understand the not so pleasant future where not only consumer products but consumers themselves will be treated like cattle. Both parts each cca 70 min long. A must see for everyone.



1. Bölüm / Part One : RFID: Tracking Everything, Everywhere


2. Bölüm / Part Two : RFID: The Battleground


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