hack this zine # 1 – 9

antifaşist ve antikapitalist, ademi merkezli bir örgütlülük oluşturan hacktivist’ lerin ( “hacktivist”, hacker ve activist kelimelerinin bir birleşimi; türkçe’ ye hacker eylemciler diye çevirmek olası…)çıkardığı bir zine. zine’ ın ilk sayısından çıkan son sayısına kadar aşağıdaki linkte mevcuttur.

a zine prepared by hacktivists..


#9: The Hacktivist Guide to the Internet:

Social Change Within The Hacker Movement. By Dave U. Random
Autonomy and a New High Tech by Cloacina
Can’t Stop The Signal by the March Hare Collective
Comcast Watch
Fighting the Fascists using Direct Action Hacktivism by thoughtcriime
Guardian Project: An Interview with Nathan Freitas
Little Brother review
Ronin: Badger! Badger! Badger! By evoltech

#8: Beautiful Technolust:

News and Events:

Behind Schedule

Leak Everything… Leak it Now
Power of Hactivisim
Ronin: A (Brief) Intro
Iptables: Network Auditing with Evoltech
Hot Piping Coffee Enema

Protect Web Folders
RFI Rooting Tutorial
GLF: Binwriting Protocol
Digesting Shellcode like a Mollusk
Letters to the Editor
Credits and Shout-Out

#7: Hack the Gibson!:

News in the Briefs

Hacking your GPS (by Kuroishi)
Alternative PHP include vulnerabilities (by Anonymous) *
Obfuscating IP addresses (by Flatline)
Sucking Signal (by Sally)
Hardware Hacking (by Frenzy)

On Using Technology to Dismantle the Industrial Beat (by Anonymous)
Oscar Grant and Copwatch 2.0 (by Flatline)

#6: Lets Smash Windows!:

Political Articles: Views and Opinionated Articles:

On the Necessity of Direct Action (by Nomenumbra)
Hacking Freight Trains Part 2 (by Haifleisch)
Berkeley Tree Sit (by frenzy)
SF Community Colo Project (by ryan)
Callout for electronic action at the DNC & RNC (by hackbloc)
39 Lashes a poem (by Ardeo)
RNC Comms Analysis (by CGB)

Hacking / Technology: Articles for Digital Resistance:
Cryptographic Education for the Militant Activist Part 1 (by Nomenumbra)
Crabgrass: A Social Network for the Rest of Us (by Flatline)
The PE File format and its Darkside Part 2 (by Nomenumbra)
Full Disk Encryption Attacks (by hackbloc)
All Your Face(book) Are Belong To Us (by flatline)
Communications Systems and Technology (by Impact)
Anonymity with Wireless Networking (by Impact)

#5: Squat The Net!:

News / Events:
Timeline of Virtual Sit-ins / Electronic Civil Disobedience Actions
Free Jeremy
Hacklabs in the USA
Remaining nine of the Sagada 11 Released from Prision

Talking Tech:
A Small Study on Covert Channels
Getting Started with Linux Kernel Modules
Results of The Hackmeeting ‘capture the flag’ Competition
The PE File Format and Its Dark Side

Theory and Action:
Capitalist Monsters, RFID & Internet Tubes, an Interview with Annalee Newitz
Hacking Freight Trans: Adventure from SF to NYC for HOPE6
Intro to The FreeShit Project
Technologically Enhanced Activism (T.E.A)

Hacker Defense Bulletin:
Boycott the EMI – Mirror SGT Petsounds! – Drop the Lawsuit!
rm All Snitchs Before they get you!

HackThisSite Collective Organizing Guide
Creditz & Thankz

#4: Ammo for the info Warrior:

NEWS  and  INTRO Hack This Zine #4
Zen and the Art of Non-Disclosure
Anti-DRM Flash Mob
U.S gov. Indicts Hacktivist

Fear and Paranoia
How the Net was Lost
Consumerist Society Revisited

Disrespect Copyrights in Practice
Advanced Cross-Site-Scripting
Cellular Suprises
Exotic vulnerabilities
Windows BOF Adventures
Deus Ex Machina: Artificial Hacker

Use “Off the Record” Messaging
Start a Wargames Competition
How to Start a HackBloc
Start A Free Pirate Shell Server

Free the Sagada 11
Capture the Flag

#3: Digital Contraband:

hackers, crackers, artists & anarchists – hackbloc
support hairball against unjust felony charges – hacker defense network
fighting the commercialization of the internet – internet liberation front
pirate radio and the dreaded FCC – evildeshi
declaration of the independence of cyberspace – john barlow of the EFF
uk indymedia interview – hackers defending open publishing systems
misadventures of irish hackers – C

the art of writing a web worm in php – world cant wait
writing a php fuzzer to self-discover web vulnerabilities
arp poisoning darkangel
ars viralis : the viral art – nomenumbra
proxy chaining outthere
tunnelling and tor kuroishi
anatomy of a phone number – br0kenkeychain

dismantling the copyright industry disrespectcopyrights.net
black and white chicago 2600 –
graffiti and counter-culture the wooster collective

#2: Notes From  The Hacker Underground:


hack this site founder raided by fbi
right wing hackers target indymedia network
directnic enforces icann whois contact info accuracy
phpbb 2.10 disclosure cause mischief and mayhem on the net
nmap developers intimidated by fbi…by wyrmkill


the art of the cipherer..by psyche
finding and exploiting php script vulnerabilities
hacking local mac os x
c compilation on a low level…by forcemaster
security access, backdoors and gaining permissions.

join revolution, live happier
security culture: hackers living in an age of fbi repression
police state usa and the politics of fear
bringing it to their door: civil disobedience @ inaugurations
paradise engineering, political change…by archaios
communication and info gathering at a protest…alxciada
beyond physical borders: hacking and activism on the net.by fetus
white and black…by shardz
autonomous hacktivism with the internet liberation front

#1: Electronic Civil Disobedience Journal:

Table Of Contents:
Hack this Zine # 1Dispatches from the Hacker Underground
Floodnet: Power to the People!
Electronic Product Code / RFID: New meaning to Big Brother
Miami Police Riot While Rich Hide Behind Fences
Bugs in the Wild
Exploring the Wireless World on the Mac
How to Organize a Student Revolution
Diebold Electronic Voting Systems: Underminind Democracy
Bypassing Netzero’s Ad Banner
Hacking Regular Expressions
OS Wars: Corporate Giants Stomping the Free Software Movement
Fundamentals of Mac OS X Security


indir / download:



1- eğer okumamış olan varsa, posta ilişkin bir kitap olarak ” bir hacker manifestosu” nu (ç-) almasını öneriyoruz. kitap merve darende tarafından çevrilmiş, 6.45 yayınlarından çıkmış. kitap hakkında bilgi için bkz:


2- post, yıllardan beri antifaşist ve antikapitalist mücadelenin sanaldaki yansıması olmuş RedHack hactivistlerine ithaf olunur.

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  1. There are two new issues available for download: #10 and #10.5. Check it out at https://hackbloc.org/zine!

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