Green anarchists and anarchists as a whole, were taken by government anti-terrorism units from their homes simultaneously on May 14 at 5 a.m. They were kept under police custody for 4 days. Nine fo them including vegan and vegetarians, were taken to prison where they remain today.

This is the first time an anti-terrorism operation was carried out by the police against animal rights and anarchist activists. The police claim that the arrested individuals were responsible for the May 1 attacks on banks and multi-national corperate stores in some areas in Istanbul. However, this is not and cannot be the case as these same individuals are against violence. In reality, the police were simply trying to silence and criminalize efforts like animal liberation, eco-defense and human liberation struggle.

Both the police and the media claim that “our” attacks on the banks were an act of violence. However the real act of violence was the unfounded arrests and detention of sixty people from around Turkey. Freedom is more important than some broken glasses. We endured four days of police questioning and now nine people are still in jail for their supposed crimes. However their only “crime” was being an anarchist. This is the real crime. Moreover this is a state terror. During questionings, we could not even say who were the alleged perpetrators actually were considering that we do not know ourselves. In recent years Turkish government increased the repression against dissent who are criticizing anti-democratic government and repressive rules. Police state is increasingly expanding and there are lots of political prisoners in Turkish prisons. It is now trying to terrorize our struggle against the system and all kinds of the domination types by creating an imaginary terrorist organisation linked to the legal libertarian foundations and some anarchist, animal liberationist and ecologist individuals. This is a total repression against anarchist, anti-authoritarian, animal liberation, ecodefense thoughts and activisties. Now all the activist who are jailed and who are waiting for next arrests worriedly, are expecting some solidarity and support from comrades and friends from all around the world.

For solidarity, we call on all anarchists, anti-authoritarians, animal rights and eco-defense activists to say “Freedom to anarchists and freedom to all Mayday prisoners!” in front of Turkish consulates and embassies throughout the world.

With solidarity and love…

for increasing the motivation of the prisoned ones, you can also send solidarity letters to:

Beyhan Çağrı Tuzcuoğlu-Burak Ercan-Emirhan Yavuz-Murat Gümüşkaya
Oğuz Topal-Sinan Gümüş-Ünal Can Tüzüner-Yenal Yağcı

Metris T Tipi Cezaevi T1-D2
İstanbul / TURKEY

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